Swedish Doberman Trophy 2014

This is really great reading! In Total Trophy we find 5(!) of our dogs in top 10 results out of 40 participants: 3. KORAD IPOIII ZTP1A Diragos Javanth with 495 Points! 4. KORAD IPOII SEUCH FINUCH DKCH NordCH INTCh C.I.B NordW-11 SweW-12 NordW-13 Thea Tony 6. KORAD SEUCH IPOIII BSLI Diragos […]

Great results!

Diragos Ikara Colt  2014-11-23 Denmark, Lejre. Judge Ella Larsen IPOIII: 90-91-95 and a ticket to World Championships in Sweden 2015. 2014-11-09 Sweden, Hok. Judge Johan Holmlund IPOIII: 91-87-94 with CAC and got SE BCH (Swedish Working Champion)! Swedish koerung 2014-10-24 Diragos Paris Match approved and KORAD Diragos Paris By Night approved and KORAD Diragos Slipknot […]