IDC Worldchampionships 

Again a very proud breeder!

Diragos Sepultura 7th place with really high quality work, next year is theirs!

Diragos Javanth with great tracking and obediance, but for his final trial 8,5 y old… too strong in protection. But what a show!

We have puppies!!!

3 boys and 3 girls, all black born 2016-09-30

Unique combination between top pedigrees where we find several worldchampions, siegers, and true solid charachters for working.

Great summer!

So many good results from Team Diragos members!

Tarja & Diragos Sepultura

Fin Ch all breeds place 12

Fin ch dobermann SILVER medal

Ingela & Diragos Javanth

SWE FCI qual 6th place

SDK trial 98-90-94 1st place

IPO & IPO-FH trial

Great debut for Team Diragos members this weekend!


Diragos Sarek 267p

Diragos Sabbath 251p

First FH1

Diragos From Paris With Love 97p 

Great work from all of you, proud as always!