FCI & SM qual Falkenberg

Really nice place to arrange Swedens biggest IPO trial at, Falkenberg! Nice and warm atmosphere, professional judges, helpers and tracklayers!

D. Ash made debut as one of two dobermanns out of 40 dogs, her 3rd IPOIII.

We made some mistakes in B and C, some out of unexperience, and some of nervousness:-) all by all the feeling was good and my dog was very confident all times.

We finished on sunday with last group of tracking, due to hot and dry weather, tracking was not easy, but there was still a handful dogs with nice scores (>94) We did all good, and I had no hesitations for my dogs performance. We did one mistake befors last corner, where my dog noticed the corner, and maybe due to the warm weather and the willingness to perform, she made a blind mark 2m before the corner. Started with me 10m out on the line, and went without any problems to the final article, 95p.

95/82/89 and 12th place, qualified to Swedish championships, all breeds in August.